For your choice, we have a wide variety of steels and standard components available.

   Steels from North America, Europe and Japan are widely available in China. It leaves  us a
   wide choice. Listed below is a brief Cross-reference for LKM steels.
   AISI/ASTM           JIS                Uddholm/ASSAM                DIN           LKM
   S7                                           Compax Supreme
   H13                     SKD-61         8407 Supreme                     1.2344       LKM2344 ESR
   420SS                 SUS420J1,2  Stavax S136 1.2083                              LKM 2083H
                           Ramax S                                                                     LKM2316/A/ ESR
   A2                       SKD 12                  Rigor/A2/XW-10          1.2363       LKM638/2311
   P20                      PX 5/88                  Impax Supreme 718    1.2311       LKM2311
                                                                                             1.2312       LKM818/83
                                                                                             1.2378       LKM2711
   For more about either export steel or local steel, please E-mail to

   Mold Components 
   1. Inch or Metric It depends on your requirements. 
   2. Standard Components
   a. Well-known standard components available in China
   Mold components (including mold base)
   DME, Progressive, PCS, Futaba, Misumi, LKM, etc
   Hot Runner System
   Yudo, Hasco, DME, Huskey, Mastip, Synventive, Mold-masters, etc. 
   b. Equivalence to DME, Hasco, or any standard compoents you prefer
   Though available, these export standard components are always expensive. So, generally,
   we have equivalent components made in China upon request to save money.

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